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2022 Colour Trends you will see Everywhere!

2022 is time for change, and colour is a great way to start! Whether your offices are looking a little dull and you need a refreshing zest of colour to inspire your staff and colleagues, or your family home is in need of a lift or renovating your kitchen or kid’s spaces. Choosing a new paint colour that brings inspiration to a more life-loving year is definitely top priority, and we are all about priorities this 2022! 

This year, our attention will be turning to the retro styles, focusing on bright modern and beautiful colours, pairing with silky whites & nature inspired tones for warm comfort and welcoming personalized spaces. The recent trends were focused on creating a calm and neutral spaces and the idea of our homes being a sanctuary from the outside world. While things around the world are evolving, deep earthy hues will be turning to light bright and natural, to highlight rebirth and growth. 

Neutral Tones

Experts agree that colours emphasizing the outdoors – from desert inspired tones of tans to lush greens and oceanic blues, will become increasingly popular this year.  Over the past few years organic living and style has been key design trends. This will culminate in 2022 where tones like taupe’s, biscuit beige and mushroom taking centre stage. Desert palette’s having a more luxurious feel and sense of comfort. 

Bold Brights

As a contrast to the earthy neutrals and soothing greens, you can expect bright vibrant retro’s from the 50’s making a comeback. The mid century tones and way of living where people were embracing their individuality and customising their interiors, using bright candy retro shades which defined the period. Expect 2022 to do the same. 

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