Choosing your colours? Paint Scape Paints

Choosing your colours?

Painting your home is generally a costly, but necessary exercise. It cuts down on big ticket maintenance items in the long run if you keep your property maintained.

Due to the cost of and period of time you may have to live with your chosen paint, it follows that colour choice might not be as easy as it seems.

Have you ever ordered paint from a catalog or even after obtaining a sample and been disappointed? Unfortunately, many have gone down this road and apart from batching differences we recommend the following:

At Paint Scape Paints, we manufacture a wide range of colours to allow you the choice. To make this easier, We recommend that you order a few sample pots to paint on your walls and compare.

Our recommendation is that you paint it on a white background, or at the very least have a white border before you start to compare. In addition paint samples on a few walls to get a sense of the colours in differing light conditions. 

This will give you a much better impression of the colour on a neutral background and give you a more realistic understanding of what to expect when the whole wall is painted.

Feel free to contact us for any colour support required or should you have a special colour request or recommendation.  

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