Save money, Paint your home? Paint Scape Paints

Save money, Paint your home?

With Covid-19 still hot on our heals, painting your home is a great way to save money.

Before you begin, there are just a few considerations to attend to:

1. Is there any damp and water penetration issues to be addressed? If so, is it a minor / DIY fix or do you need a professional solution?

2. What preparation is required?

3. How do you access the required areas of work? Are you working at heights and if so what safety issues should you consider.

Firstly, our experience with damp is that it is normally a little more severe than it appears and a DIY fix, although cheaper today always seems to cost more tomorrow. Combine that with the fact that selling your home with a damp issue leaves you open to legal recourse.

Since quality paint is relatively expensive, preparation, including treating damp and pesky leaks allows you to keep the look and feel of your newly painted home for years to come.

Who wants to expend the time, effort and money your home only to have to repaint it in a year or two.

Whats that; you say you'll just buy a drum of the same colour and touch up when the damp re-occurs. The only issue might be that, even with the same colour, the paint will not look the same on the walls and who would want patchy walls. 

Last, an important safety consideration is access to the area. If you need a ladder or scaffolding and are not familiar with the safe use of the equipment it may be best to obtain the services of a specialist contractor who has the experience, training and workman's insurance to perform the works. Safely passing the risk to them might save absolute heartache in the long run.

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