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  • Torch On Waterproofing - Icopal Paraplast GS BMI Coverland
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Torch On Waterproofing - Mineral Stone

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Paraplast GS 4mm is a torch applied bitumen waterproofing membrane impregnated with granular slate chips on the upper face of the bitumen offering UV stability. Paraplast GS is designed to to be used as a capping sheet in a multi-layer system. Intended applications include non-accessible low pitched concrete roof decks, low pitched timber roof boards, rejuvenation of existing waterproofing, waterproofing of decks with and without thermal insulation, waterproofing of reinforced concrete decks and prefabricated concrete. Paraplast GS 4mm is reinforced with a high performance rot proof non-woven polyester reinforecement offering Paraplast GS 4mm high puncture resistance and anti-aging properties. 

  • High performance polyester reinforced APP (Atatic polypropylene) modified plastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane which is designed with excellent ageing resistance, high elasticity, excellent resistance to thermal shock and dimensional stability. Paraplast GS has a granular slate chip on the upper side of the membrane which offers UV stability to the bitumen waterproofing membrane thereby elimanting the need for coating the upper surface with a silver protective coat periodically.
  • Application Torch-on
  • Compound APP
  • Gross Weight 65 kg
  • Low Temp Flexibility -5 °C
  • Roll Length 10m Roll
  • Width 1m
  • Surface Downside Embossed Flamina
  • Surface Upside Granulat Slate Chip
  • Tensile Strength 800 x 600 N
  • Thickness 4 mm 
  • Weight Per Square Meters 6.5 kg 

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