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P3X Primer

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P3 Primer X is a combination of selected rapid hardening cement, thixotropes, pozzolans, polymers, dispersing agents and Xypex® crystalline waterproofing.

Special Features

P3 Primer X provides a uniquely mobile mixture which easily brushes onto surface textures of a concrete substrate and provides a weatherproof protection and appearance enhancing coating onto hardened concrete.

P3 Primer X develops strength rapidly and bonds effectively to the substrate.

The Xypex® crystalline waterproofing component cures to increase the density and water tightness of the coating.


Mix 20kg of P3 Primer X powder into 6 L of water. Then adjust the consistency of the slurry for particular applications by adding more or less water if necessary.

Brush the slurry onto the prepared surface leaving the desired finish of about 1 to 2mm thick and allow to air cure.

The prepared surface should be free of all dust, oils etc, and should be dampened but surface dry.

A good guide is to see how quickly splashed on water is absorbed. If immediately it is too dry.

Estimating Data

6 L of water plus 20 kg of power will yield approximately 12 L of slurry.

This mixture will cover 10 to 15 square metres, dependent on the porosity and profile of the prepared substrate.

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