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Silver Shield

Silver Shield

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Silver Shield is a bitumen based coating for a wide range of substrates that requires a highly reflective aluminum finish.



• Primed, rusted or new metal.
• Fibre cement and roofing felt covered roofs, especially in humid coastal conditions.
• Old Weathered Malthoid/Torch-on Bitumen based water proofing
• Silver Shield Bitumen Aluminum paint is the ideal coating material for objects in or around water purification or reclamation works, as well as for manufacturing plants where a lot of water or humidity prevails. Care should be taken if the substrates are previously painted as the strong solvent in this product may attack the previous coating
• Due to the excellent UV and humidity resistance, Silver Shield is suitable for roofs in wet coastal conditions.



• Highly durable, humidity and UV resistant for the harsh South African climate.
• Humidity resistant.
• Excellent adhesion to a range of properly prepared substrates.
• Excellent, no mess application properties with excellent flow and leveling that gives an even finish.
• Very cost effective.
• 2 Coats of Silver Shield are used for best results.
• Bitumen based coatings should not be painted on the inside of containers used for storage of drinking water.


Resin Base: Bitumen Based
Appearance: Shiny/Reflective
Drying time: Touch dry: ±1Hour Dry to overcoat: ±4-6Hours
Thickness: 30-40µm
Spread rate: 9-10 SQM per litre Although the spreading rate will vary with the type of substrate, for uncoated new surfaces work on 8-10m²/lt for the first coat and 10-12m²/lt for subsequent coats and for sealed, previously painted substrates.


Always stir well before use until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. An electric drill with mixing head is preferred.


Application may be undertaken with a brush, roller or airless spray machine.


Silver Shield is ready for use un-thinned; thinning will reduce its hiding power. For spray application, thin 20% with Xylene


Clean up application equipment with Xylene


• Stir well before use.
• With brush, roller or airless spray apply a generous coat of Silver Shield to the area that needs protecting. Thin for spray 20% with Xylene
• Allow to dry 4-6 hours before recoating.
• With brush, roller or airless spray, apply a second generous coat.
• Clean up application equipment with Xylene
• Silver Shield is ready for use un-thinned; thinning will reduce its hiding power.
• 2 Coats of Silver Shield are used for best results.
• Only apply in well ventilated areas and keep away from all ignition sources, flames and sparks.
• Do not eat drink or smoke while applying.
• Do not apply before 09:00 and after 16:00 in the winter.
• Do not apply exterior if it looks like rain will occur with in 4-6 hours of application.


Silver Shield is supplied in 20lt metal containers.


The information and specifications provided is to the best of our knowledge. The technical data contained herein are true and accurate at the date of issue and are subject to change without prior notice. No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. We guarantee our products to conform to our quality control. We cannot be held responsible or liable, directly, or indirectly for the use of our products, coverage, performance, or injury resulting from its use, as we have no control over the method of application used or site conditions.

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